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logo – Vision & mission – quality objectives

For the logo of Capstone Aluminium, a simple, clean yet professional look is being applied into the design. The logo comprises of a symbol of a plus sign and a dot. The plus sign symbolises edges and corners, crucial counterparts and considerations in construction, emphasising the geometric feature of construction in itself. The dot is equivalent to a “capstone” which is the final stone placed to signal the end of the construction. However, this stone is mostly overlooked in construction, yet it stands out as important despite its humble identity. Here the dot seems slightly raised, yet it is still part of the plus, signifying our diligence in staying faithful to our original expertise in construction.

The logo has an added spiritual aspect to it. The plus sign symbolises the cross and just as how the capstone rises from the cross, we can also rise with God’s strength. However, in our ascent, we stay within the boundaries of the cross, just like how we keep to God’s guidance, lead and discipline no matter what we encounter in the future.

To be a customer-preferred supplier for aluminium architectural products.

All products delivered shall be free from defects and manufactured according to the product specifications and customer’s requirements within the agreeable lead time.

At Capstone, we recognise each employee as an important asset in the production of quality products. Training and skill improvement are key elements in quality achievement. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal in quality. We shall ensure that our products meet the statutory and regulatory requirements in respective areas.