Set Up - capstone2
business set up – manufacturing set up


The company operates in 2 business divisions, serving the needs of different customers.

Aluminium Product Division
This division manufactures products such as railing system, balustrade system for residential apartments and condominiums, louvre and sunscreen products for building façades.

Project Division
There are 2 distinct scopes of work carried out by this division.

1. Supply only
We manufacture window and door systems, curtain walling panels and cladding panels according to customers’ design and specification, with or without glazing depending on their requirements. The finished products are delivered by seaworthy containers for overseas customers or by trucks to Singapore.

2. Supply and install
This scope of work is primarily for Singapore housing projects, both private and public projects. We manufacture and install approved window and door systems for such projects.

Yearly Production Capacity
Aluminium Curtain Walls, Windows and Doors — 180,000m²




Lots 23 to 26, Jalan Gangsa, Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia

The factory comprises of 2 buildings

  Factory A Factory B Total
Land 6,600 sqm 6,600 sqm 13,200 sqm (142,085 sqft)
Building 5,900 sqm 4,100 sqm 10,000 sqm (107,640 sqft)

The company holds a LMW (Licence Manufacturing Warehouse) licence. This licence allows the company to import materials without any duty or taxes as long as the final products are 100% exported.

The main manufacturing facility will be for aluminium fabrication purposes.